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Yorkshire Building Society

About This Project

Runs On The Board is a summer long tournament of cricket involving teams of over 50’s cricketers who play in a series of competitive games in villages throughout Yorkshire all of which are recorded by a group of artists and collected together in a book and exhibition at the end of the summer.


The One Company worked with Yorkshire Business in the Arts and in partnership with The Yorkshire Building Society and The Yorkshire County Cricket Club to create a brand experience and series of events for The Yorkshire Building Society.


Each event took the form of a gala cricket tournament which involved the wider community and which linked the branch network together.

Through the project The Yorkshire Building Society commissioned 4 artists, two writers and two photographers to produce art which was featured in a book and exhibition at the end of the competition.

The project linked the values of cricket with the brand values of the society emphasising themes of community and mutuality demonstrating that YBS are embedded within the community a part of every day community living and engaged locally with customers.

The locations were matched to the YBS branch network and each location was styled throughout. Events featured styled vintage cricket teas, a pop up curry tent from The World Curry Festival, live music, games and activities.


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The One Company worked with the marketing team at Keycare to develop a marketing strategy,  implement a creative design and deliver  account direction for a branding and brand launch.

In addition the One Company created a new website and marketing and sales literature and helped to incorporate the new identity in to the head office environment.

Brand Experience


Creative Direction

Content Creation



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