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An Inspirational Journey

About This Project

An Inspirational Journey is an initiative created to promote gender balance and diversity at board level throughout the UK. The Two Percent Club, The Pearls and The Women’s Business Conference are a part of An Inspirational Journey.


  • The Pearls is an initiative within An Inspirational Journey that works with women just below executive level working in large corporate organisation and in business taking them through a programme of events, learning sessions and giving them a support network to build confidence, connections and knowledge.


  • The Two Percent club is a network of women who have held senior board positions with events and learning sessions and a group of people who work together to support and encourage each other and to support women working below board level with a view to improving diversity at board level in the UK.


  • The Women’s Business Conference is a conference with a core theme of improving diversity at board level in the UK linked to An Inspirational Journey.






The one company created an overarching brand for An inspirational Journey and branding for each initiative – The Pearls , The Two Percent Club and The Women’s Business Conference.


We created a launch campaign which consisted of event graphics and the design of a range of marketing materials including emailers, promotional literature and website design.

Brand Identity


Copy Writing

Web Design



What We've Done