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Sleep Design, Designs For Sleep

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“The line is blurring between wakefulness and sleep”

According to The New York Times sleep has become a $32 billion business in the US today.

The Wall Street Journal reports this week that scientists now say that we need just 7 hours of sleep per night and not 8 as previously thought.In fact studies show that too much sleep can actually be bad for you!


Most creative people will understand what it feels like to work late in to the night or to lose sleep because of a head full of ideas that refuse to sleep.


I have never really had a problem getting to sleep so I had not really thought much about it until recently when The One Company worked on the launch of a new sleep related product for a company called Foam Comforts.This company is using recycled locally made foam as the key component in a new design project in which they have created a personalised sleep system that is tailored to an individual and can change and evolve with each person through the years.


A recent study published by professors at The New York University’s College of Dentistry has found that ‘sleeptexting’ is becoming the new phenomenon.People are literally sending texts whilst sleeping often waking up embarrassed to find what they have written and sent. Another study published in the Psycology of Popular Media Culture has established a link between sending and recieving text messages during the day to poor sleep patterns.The study discovered that many people sleep with a mobile phone right next to the bed and that this can often result in increased disturbances during the night.


We did some research and asked around and just for fun have complied a list of what we think are the 5 best things to do if you just cant sleep…

  • Read a good book or listen to some soothing music and relax
  • Wake up your partner and snuggle in to sleeplessness
  • Make a list, write a letter,write a journal or empty your thoughts on to paper
  • Meditate,visualise or dream yourself back to sleep
  • Enjoy a luxury hot chocolate or hot milky drink and accept you can not sleep

If you are one of the more unfortunate people who have an ongoing and serious sleep issue it can have an effect on your whole life and be difficult to cope with.There are many thoughts on how to best set yourself up to sleep well and prepare for a restful night.Some books and articles listed below offer practical thoughts and solutions:


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