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Creative Spaces in Yorkshire

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T echnology has evolved so that today it is possible to work anywhere at any time. This can mean that some people work most of the time and life and work blend rather than balance. I have recently read some excellent articles and blogs proposing that everyone should have at least one technology free day per week, if only to clear the head. Time out and space to think.


Being a creative person I am often very much influenced by my surroundings and I have found that using an inspirational space to hold a meeting or workshop or simply to take time out alone to think can be really worthwhile and a good part of any creative process.


Nick and i recently met up to plan some workshops and look at our website at a gallery and I think it is a good thing to do on a regular basis. We have made a list of some of our favourate places to go.

Our five favourite creative spaces in Yorkshire

Creative Spaces_1

The Hepworth Yorkshire is an iconic building designed by David Chipperfield. There are inspiring bright spaces with innovation, exploration and engagement at the heart of many of the exhibitions.


As a place to meet and work it also has amazing views and beautiful calm spaces with great cafe and excellent WIFI.


T: 01924 247360 


Salts Mill is a fantastic place to escape and hide away note book in hand. Housed in a beautiful old mill in Saltaire it has everything you need to find inspiration, large scale quiet space and a reminder of our industrial heritage and local creativity.


Find here a relaxed, inspiring environment that is perfect to meet up with people or to go there alone  to think and create. The 1853 gallery is an easy mix of loud opera music, art books and work from the artist David Hockney.


T: 01274 531163 (Salts Diner: 01274 530 533)


The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a very special place. Surrounded by 500 acres green fields and rolling countryside that is literally an open air sculpture gallery. The exhibition spaces are an inspiring mix of art and nature and the indoor galleries display exciting work in an innovative and engaging way.


As a place to meet and work The Yorkshire Sculpture park has it all a perfect place to find time and space to think and be creative and an engaging and different place to meet people.


T: 01924 832631


Dean Clough in Calderdale is housed in a 20-acre mill site that was once the world’s largest carpet factory. Galleries, cafes, a bar and a couple of restaurants make this a destination where you can always find the kind of creative space that you need.


Dean Clough is great for workshops with great facilities meeting rooms and even a unique underground theatre space for hire.


T:01422 250 250

Tiled hall

The Tiled Hall Cafe is part of the huge building which houses both Leeds Central Library and Leeds Art Gallery. It was originally a reading room for the library and is now an amazing tiled hall cafe.


It creates an ornate space on a grand scale with tall doors and windows and has a wonderful light; it is an interesting place to meet in the heart of Leeds city centre.

T:0113 247 8256